Thanks to the fast-paced environment of the web and those cringe-worthy photos that do the rounds on social media, myths on dermal fillers are definitely still alive and kicking. We’ve put a few under the spotlight in this post, so you can get the lowdown on what’s more fiction that truth.

  1. Everyone has the same areas filled

This one’s quite far from the truth. Recent studies have shown that each person ages differently, meaning some fillers will need to be administered to areas where others are not needed. The amount and the whereabouts of where injections are given depend on the individual’s ageing patterns, health factors and the look they’re attempting to achieve.

  1. Undergoing filler treatment is extremely painful

Usually this procedure is combined with lidocaine, which is used to relieve any pain that can come with the injections. Some doctors may decide to use anesthetic, but patients are more than able to undergo them without it. It’s important to remember that any kind of injection administered to the face can be uncomfortable, and some people have high thresholds for pain, while others have lower.

  1. People can tell if you’ve had the treatment done

The answer to this question is somewhat here and there. If you choose to tell those around you that you’ve had dermal fillers injected, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some would prefer that it’s not easy to identify if you’ve had work done, and the results are meant to be natural. On the other hand, some people choose to go for a more defined and bold look, making the results a lot easier to spot.

  1. You can’t undo what’s been done

This is probably the most notable. Having these injections done can generally be reversed, as the results last up to three months to a year. After this period, any missed maintenance means the look will start to rewind. Additionally, there is a reversing agent available (hyaluronidase) which eliminates the results overall.

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