Hottest Trends in Cosmetic Medicine for Celebrities

Over the last few years there have been some notable trends in the cosmetic procedures that celebrities are having done.

And it is resulting in some of the leading faces in Hollywood looking eerily similar.

A decade ago the done thing to treat aged and sagging skin was to have your surgeon remove the ‘excess’ skin to tighten the skin. This would help to a certain extent. But after a relatively small amount of surgery the face would look ‘pulled’ – the so-called ‘wind-tunnel’ effect. The face often would become tighter and smaller whilst paradoxically the body through age would become less toned and bigger.

And looking like the Michelin Man became out of fashion very quickly.

The ‘New Face’ that most Hollywood plastic surgeons are focussed on today gives a more natural look. The main tenant here is re-volumisation.

A youthful face does not look ‘tight’ or ‘pulled’. A young face has smooth and full borders. Gentle curves. And has volume in critical areas of the cheek bones, the midface and the mouth.

So rather than opting for the scalpel, many Hollywood starlets are choosing the needle. By needle we are talking about using dermal fillers to add volume to the cheek bones or the ‘tear trough’ area beneath the eyes. Gaunt cheek are given a more natural, fuller contour.

The end result is often described as a ‘heart shaped’ face. Full cheek bones that angle downwards to a well defined chin. If one looks are many of today’s identities- from Angelina Jolie to (more recently) Madonna- they often share these characteristics.

Another definite trend is that ‘less is more’. At least when it comes to Botox.

At one time, it was the belief that if a little of it was good, then a bucket load of it must be better. Whilst this would definitely carpet bomb almost all the wrinkles on the face, it also left the person ‘paralyzed of expression. The forehead could look – to quote Sharon Osbourne- “like a $@! flat screen TV”.

The trend today for most celebrities and layperson alike would to have a lower dose. So the wrinkles are reduced but expression is still intact.

One other trend that is becoming very popular is the so-called ‘Red Carpet Botox’.

Botox is not just great again wrinkles. It also stops sweat glands from well… sweating.

So it can be used to treat excessive sweating in the hands, feet and underarms.

Before a big red carpet event, a celeb could choose to have her underarms treated so come the big day, she does not sweat on her $25K Gucci dress. Or end up having photos of her in said dress with unsightly underarm wet spots posted on the internet.

The axiom on all these trends is to look ‘natural’ and to look great. Whether its a dermal filler such as Restylane or Botox it should all boil down to these basic principles.