How to Look Like A Celebrity in a Lunch Break

One of the most common situations that comes up when talking to patients is comparisons made to actors and celebrities.

People want to know if it is possible to have the smile of Tom Cruise. Or the nose of Salma Hayek. Or the cheek-bones of Brad Pitt.

We are framed within the constraints of our genetics. Angelina Jolie lips on a small framed face is not always possible but more importantly may not be appropriate.

But we all can have our features enhanced. ‘Crow’s feet’ can be softened. Cheek bones can be made more glamorous and lips more defined.

And if your baseline contours are similar enough- your cheekbones could become a lot more in harmony with that of your favourite celebrity.

Angelina Jolie’s Pout: At risk of understatement, Angelina has striking lips.

A lady who would like to have lips like hers would first need to have reasonably full lips and a lower face to ‘carry’ the lips.

A dermal filler such as Restylane or Juvaderm could then be used to outline the border of the lips. The Cupid’s Bow can be made more defined.

The dimples beneath the nose are known as the philtral columns. They can be created or enhanced with a dermal filler. When they are well defined they add glamour to the lip area.

A Dermal Filler can then be used carefully in the body of the lip to create eversion of the top and lower lip. This makes that pronounced but still natural-looking pout that Angelina is famous for. It is important that you have an experienced doctor to create the body of the lip to keep proportions right and to avoid the undesirable ‘trout-pout’.

If you look carefully at Angelina’s lower lip, you will notice she has two ‘cushions’ there that mirror the Cupid’s Bow above. Using a thicker and more-volumising dermal filler such as Perlane, that can be achieved for a patient having cosmetic treatment.

Megan Fox’s Eyebrows: Megan has full luscious eyebrows. A mistake that many women make is that they wax and tweeze their eyebrows to an inch of their lives.

One of the things that happen to eyebrows as we get older is that they become a lot more sparse. Thin eyebrows usually age a face. Conversely, full but well defined eyebrows are more youthful.

Her eyebrows are ‘flared’. That is, they rise up in a high arch on the side of her brow.
This effect can be achieved with the use of Botox in the right muscle groups in the sides of the brow.

Julia Robert’s smile: This lady has a full wide mouth and a gorgeous smile. This photo perhaps does not do her justice.

The lips can be enhanced with a soft and minimally volumising dermal filler such as Restylane or Juvaderm.
A common concern that people have is of a ‘gummy-smile’. This is where too much gum-line shows when smiling.

This can be treated by the judicious use of Botox in the right areas in the top lip so as to lower the smile slightly. The end result should be a slightly more red-carpet smile.

Appearance is important to all of us. Both celebrities and mere mortals alike. It is possible to have features more like your favourite personality.

But it is often more important to focus on your own appearance independently. Any treatment should be in harmony with your own features and countenance.