Why Dermal Fillers are Good?

A lot of things happen to us as we get older.

Not everything about getting older is about wrinkles and grey hair.

Next time you are at a bus stop, have a look at the people around you. And ask yourself what is it about one person that makes them look young and fresh, and what in another person makes them look older and tired?
Some of it is due to wrinkles. And for many years Botulinum medicine has been used to address this problem. But a big part is due to volume loss.

We lose a lot of volume in the lips, the cheek bones and the eye area. We even lose volume and fullness in the mouth area and the temples.

There was a stage perhaps a decade ago when Cosmetic Doctors would try to treat the problem of volume loss by continually stretching the skin over its facial frame in some form of face lift. The end result was a ‘tight’ and sometimes artificial appearance. And ironically the face would after become smaller and tighter whilst the body through age would become larger and less toned. The ‘Michelin Man’ appearance would not be flattering to most people.

The contemporary view held by most Cosmetic Doctors today would be to treat the essential cause of the problem. If the problem is volume loss. The best treatment is volume replacement. This is were dermal fillers come to the fore.

And this is the essence of the New Face that is touted in Hollywood nowadays. The point here is not to have surgery to pull and stretch skin. But here it is to restore contours and shape to cheekbones, jawline and profile. The same smooth gentle contours we see in youth.

A good example of this is the ever re-inventing Madonna.

She has a punishing exercise regime. Is in elite level fitness and very low body fat. This would normally give her a well defined body. But at the same time it tends to result in a gaunt, thin and somewhat ‘older’ appearing face.

For many recent years gossip magazines would make milage of this fact on poor Madonna. As if their was some justice that no matter how famous or successful one was, age catches up with us all.
It is Madonna that is have the last laugh however. If we see her lately- her cheekbones are full. Her contours and profile have a smooth flow. And importantly it looks natural and in harmony with the rest of her features.
And as we get older, it is these effects that careful and appropriate use of dermal fillers can do for most people.