Have you been wanting to achieve fuller lips, but have always been discouraged by the price or because you aren’t able to pay upfront? We’re happy to now offer our clients access to ZipPay to pay for their lip injections. As reputable practitioners of dermal fillers, we believe that everyone should be able to achieve the lips of their dreams. With ZipPay you can secure your consultation with one of our team members to discuss the process of lip injections, knowing that there’s an easier and more convenient way to pay.

ZipPay Helps You Get the Things You Want Faster

Life is busy, so let’s live in the moment. Don’t put off doing that things that you want when you can achieve a fuller lip straight away. ZipPay is a simple and secure payment option that allows you to purchase the things you want on the spot and pay it off later. That means you’re not restricted by needing to wait for payday, especially important for people who receive their pay cheques monthly. With ZipPay, you’re given the freedom to choose how you pay for your purchase, and it is always interest-free. Creating a ZipPay account is easy and straightforward, so you can book those lip injections as soon as you’ve signed up!

Visit Our Lip Injections Practitioners

Now that the payment is sorted, there’s nothing stopping you from coming in to our clinic to discuss lip injections. We offer free consultations with our dermal filler practitioners six days a week, and have complementary after treatment checks to make sure everything is going well and to check that you’re satisfied with how your lips are looking. To make a booking you can call our friendly team on 9518 4984.